Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Zobitz modifications

Here is a quick rundown of what I have done:
- Added MODIS satellite fAPAR data as a co-constraint with NEE data at Niwot. I am currently investigating if this improves the parameter estimation and what effect it has on the results. Code mofidications included a change in the variables to estimate, as well as additional columns in .data and .valid files.
- Added a new tracker variable (meanDLight), which computes the running average of the fractional light multiplier (Dlight) over 8 days, which I then compare against measured fAPAR data.
- Implemented a "weighted likelihood" cost function, where each assimilated data stream is multiplied by a fraction from 0 to 1. I did this because I wanted to determine how much the parameter estimation improves by including (or not including) a particular data stream.
- Concurrent with this approach, I did a tweak on the code to show the likelihood for each particular data stream by running sipnet forward over input data.

--> Any of these changes worth merging to the main code?

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