Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MSc projects using SIPNET at KCL

Some of my MSc students have been trying to applying the same principles to other sites with varying degrees of success

2007/08 We had a go at Duke Forest. Files and such are in the correct format but there was little exploration of the parameterization at Duke.

2008/09 David Yong (MSc. KCL EMMM) explored Tharandt Forest, Germany, Loobos Forest, Netherlands, Norunda Forest, Sweden.
David's thesis ended up focusing on Tharandt Forest and he made a good start at getting the parameterizations working. Dave had a go at doing some climate sensitivity at the site. We could make some more progress on Tharandt if someone had time to take this forward.

Figure above shows observed half-daily NEE from 1998 to 2003 compared to the output of SIPNET optimized on CO2 fluxes from the Tharandt.
In a related project Laura Green (MSc. KCL EMMM) looked at changes in Albedo in some of the same forests.


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