Thursday, March 31, 2011

The New SIPNET repository

We are putting together a new release of the SIPNET model - I say we ... but I really mean ... John is doing the hard work of getting the model code merged and up on a new server.

While we are doing this we are looking for extra data files which could be 'SIPNETized' for each of the sites we have been working on. These data could be stored and archived in the new repository. We are imaging a folder called SITES and a subfolder each site where we have SIPNET files and ancilliary data which could be used for parameterization.

Proposed folder stucture (example for Niwot)

>>>NIWOT (would contain the driver data for the site e.g niwot.dat, niwot.clim etc)
>>>>ANCILLIARY_RAW (could contain files used to estimate initial conditions, parameters etc. e.g. excel file containing sapflow data or text file listing papers used to estimate the parameters)