Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The SIPNET project

The SIPNET project
Collaborators: Russell K. Monson, Laura Scott-Denton, Diego A. Riveros-Iregui (University of Colorado), David Schimel, (National Ecological Observatory Network), Bill Sacks & Ankur Desai, (University of Wisconsin) and John Zobitz (Augburg College Minnesota)

The SIPNET model is a simple ecosystem model which has been used to interpret carbon and water exchange between vegetated ecosystems and the atmosphere. The SIPNET model has been developed from the PnET family of models (Aber & Federer 1992) to include a data-assimilation capability. Initial work by Rob Braswell and Bill Sacks has allowed this model to be implimented at Harvard Forest (Braswell et al 2005) and Niwot Ridge (Sacks et al. 2006, 2007). The SIPNET group is now expanding to other forests and ecosystems, using different data streams (Moore et al 2008, Zobitz et al 2008) to parameterize the model and also using the model at larger spatial scales (ACME project) and at longer temporal scales (Niwot Ridge climate change projections).

We do not currently have support to maintain regular code updates for the SIPNET model. However the code is held at the University of Wisconsin and maintained collectively by the collaborators. We are exploring ways to make the code more widely available.

If you have used the SIPNET model for your field site please let us know and contribute to this blog.

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